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Frequently Asked Questions   

You may be wondering if concrete staining is the right choice for your property. The following frequently asked questions to Aztec Concrete Staining should help you make a decision. 

Q: I have cracks in my concrete, can I still stain my floor?

A: Certainly, the cracks tend to enhance the old world beauty of stained floors.  Surface cracks tend to compliment the overall look of the floor.  

Q:Is stain like paint?

A: No, paint is consistent and uniform and will likely peel, but staining is translucent, which is permanent and will appear as old or aged stone or marble.

Q: What is an acid stain?

A: Acid staining is a method of changing the color of the cement by creating a chemical reaction in the concrete. Acid is not the ingredient that colors the concrete, the color comes from (calcium hydroxide), which is present in hardened concrete, and it reacts with hydrated lime and metallic salts, which are in the acidic water-based solution.

Q:  Are stained floors cold?

A: Stained floors are no colder than a tiled floor. Stained floors generally are cooler in the summer than unstained floors.

Q: Will my concrete match the colors that I have to pick from?

A: Due to a wide variety of concrete mixtures, stain generally will not match exactly as a picture shows. This alone makes your floors unique and one of a kind unlike any other floor.

Q:  Do I need to rewax my stained floor?

A: Yes. The longevity of a sealed and waxed floor provides an extremely durable surface. However, you may rewax the floor using a commercial grade wax at any time.

Q: Will all concrete accept stain?

A: No. Only in rare instances, the existing concrete may not accept stain. A job site sample testing area is a necessity and will also provide you with a close representation of what the stain will look like on your floor. These testing areas are generally in hidden locations, such as carpeted areas or under cabinets.

Q: How long will the stain last?

A: When properly applied, the stain will not wear off unless you wear off the top layer of your concrete because the stain is in the concrete, not on it.

Q:Will stained floors affect my allergies?

A: Stained concrete is great for allergy sufferers because the dust and dirt that is normally trapped in the carpet are not present. There are very few allergens on a stained floor in comparison to a floor covered with fabric.

Q: Will the stain cover the spots and blemishes that are on the concrete?

A: No. This is a translucent stain, and it will not hide existing marks or blemishes, although generally most light spots and blemishes tend to blend in with the rest of the stained floor.